Customised high-tec solutions

On sophisticated high-tech machines our staff perform professional precision work to provide individual customer solutions. New applications are constantly opened up for the living material wood by means of finger jointing, optimising and planing.

Through the principle of rotation applied inside the company each employee is a flexible "master of his trade". The products are mainly made on the basis of orders. The large stock of raw material held guarantees our customers speedy delivery.

Double end profiler machining centre with mobile spindles and jumping spindles 
face-side processing possible, workpiece widths to 8 m.

Both industry and the craft trades rely on the expertise acquired over decades and the accuracy of our team.
From bedrooms to door mouldings – Bernhard products are always involved. They may not always be on view, but they are always made with the utmost precision.

As a result, in direct and close contact with the customer, specific tailor-made solutions are arrived at through consultation – including across national frontiers. Our products are characterised by precision and multi-faceted variety.